10 Artists You Didn’t Know You Should be Listening to

Music is released at such a fast rate that it can be hard to keep up sometimes. I have complied a list of 10 artists that definitely deserve your attention. All listed artists fall into the genre of pop. If you are more metal inclined, stay tuned for a list of 10 metal artists you should be listening to. And the list goes….


1.  Nothing.Nowhere


The genre is alternative rap. As you will see, many rappers on this list are considered either alternative and/or emo rap. Nothing.Nowhere plays guitar over very bassy rap beats creating a touch of mellow and emotional pieces of music. Nothing.Nowhere’s songs are mostly about struggling with inner emotions. Those feelings range from relationship issues to the inability to leave the house. The track that I recommend to get a general feel for his music is Clarity in Kerosene. A song about a lover that he hopes choke in their sleep. From that song, I recommend Houdini, off of Nothing.Nowhere’s most recent album: Ruiner. 

Nothing.Nowhere- Clarity in Kerosene

2. Lil Peep


Lil Peep died of an overdose in 2017. He got a bad rap for being different. Being a “soundcloud” rapper with face tattoos. His music deals with drugs and relationship struggles. While one could come to the conclusion that his lyrics promote hard drug use, it is not overbearing in his music. His sound is mellow and closely related to punk from the early 2000’s. Good Charolette even covered Awful Things after his death. The recommended track from me is U Said. This track embodies what Lil Peep stood for in his music. It is relatable, with my favorite lyric being: “Some times life gets fucked up, that’s why we get fucked up.”

Lil Peep-U Said



MØ has an amazing voice and gives pop music a new style. Her sound stems mostly from electronic music, but her voice and lyrical content stem from the Spice Girls. They are her biggest musical influence. MØ is from Denmark and her real name is Karen. Her music embodies a pop innocence that is not readily found in current American pop music. The linked track is Kamikaze. I loved the arabic backing track and the way the chorus gets stuck in your head. MØ’s older music is where it’s at. Currently she is getting bigger and with that comes bigger production.


4. Elliphant


Elliphant is similar to Mø, they even did a song together. In my opinion, Elliphant is more raw and aggressive than Mø. The sounds are very similar, but it is easy to see how different they are when listening to her. The linked song here is about a relationship where two very different people are together. Elliphant wants to be free and open, while her partner is blinded by being too stuck up. The music video is a fun watch.

Elliphant- Step Down

5. Pouya


This rapper is successful in making music that sounds old. His style reminds me of old Bone Thugs or 3 6 Mafia. Aggressive beats and aggressive lyrics. The song linked here reminds me of early 3 6 Mafia mixed with some early Bone Thugs. Check it out and ride that caddy around town while hitting the switches.

Pouya x Ghostmane- 1000 Rounds

6. NF


NF sounds eerily similar to Eminem before Eminem went all weird with his voice. His sound could also be described as sounding like MGK. If you are into late 90’s rap, then NF will fulfill your needs. His songs attack very deep emotional issues. Very relatable content. The song linked here is my first exposure to NF. He is definitely an artist to watch out for as he will soon be very big and you will know his name.

NF- No Name

7. Eva Cassidy


Eva Cassidy died in 1996. Her music is still relative today. Eva’s voice is soothing and relaxing. The song linked here is her acoustic version of Time After Time. Knowing of her untimely death while listening to the linked song really gets you deep inside your emotions. Sit back, relax, and let Eva make you feel.

Eva Cassidy- Time After Time

8. Show Me The Body


Show Me The Body sounds like a raw and aggressive punk band. Because that is what they are. The video for the linked video is a fun watch. It kind of makes you want to dance. Show Me The Body will be a name you are going to start hearing more often.

Show Me The Body- Talk



ABRA takes 80’s pop beats and makes them modern. Her sound has an ambient vibe to it. Her songs could be used for love making or just when you want to chill on the couch doing nothing. ABRA is definitely an artist to watch. She embraces a unique modern sound that is growing on audiences and listeners across the globe. Jump on the new pop train while it’s hot.

ABRA- Fruit


10. Tommy Genesis


Again, we have two similar artists, with one being the more aggressive of the two. ABRA and Tommy Genesis even have a song together. Tommy is the more aggressive of the two. Tommy will make passionate love to you, but she is going to be the one telling you what to do. The linked song is catchy AF. You will have it stuck in your head for days, maybe even weeks. You’re welcome.

Tommy Genesis- Tommy


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