Flashlight Head

The image for this post is from writersdigest.com and their writing prompt competition. The task was to write a short story under 650 words about the image. This is what I wrote: 

Flashlight Head

“What happened to your face George?” Barbara asked.

“What happened to my face? What about yours Barbara?” George asked.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I want to find out what’s in the hole,” Joe said.

Joe stood on the left side of the hill. Barbara and George stared at each other in confusion. They wondered why their faces had turned into a light and their bodies a silhouette. Barbara went to George and touched his flashlight face. It didn’t feel different than before. All of his facial features still existed, but she only saw a flashlight in its place. George saw the same when he looked at Barbara.

Joe looked at Barbara and George and wondered why they were so confused. He looked down in the hole and was surprised that he signed up for the mission to retrieve the horrible substance that lied within it. Barbara and George continued to examine each others new shape.

“It can’t be George, your face was a face only a moment ago,” Barbara said.

“Your face is so bright; may I touch it?” George asked.

George touched Barbara’s flashlight face. Barbara touched his. Joe walked down into the hole.

From the distance, Barbara and George heard Joe screaming, “Would ya look at it? Would ya just look at?”

George and Barbara were able to realize that their faces were not flashlights at all, but they were wearing flashlights on their heads. They ran down to check on Joe. He was standing around a hole in the ground. The hole had flames and was glowing bright red.

“Would ya just look at it,” Joe said again.

“We are looking at it,” George said.

“But, just look at it,” Joe said.

They looked at it but didn’t see anything more than a fire pit. The fire pit that they had lit before they walked up the hill.

“Joe, that’s the fire we just lit,” Barbara said.

“Look at it,” Joe said one more time.

Joe became enraged that they could not see the devil in the hole. Joe feared for his life, but flashlight heads Barbara and George wanted to play like it was some sort of joke. They would surely be consumed by the fire and hell that was in the hole. George and Barbara never took anything seriously. They came all this way on a journey to find the meaning of life. It would all end like this, with no answers to life’s deeper questions.

Barbara and George once again became confused by why their faces turned to flashlights. Joe kept telling the two to look at the hole. Over and over, Joe repeated that one sentence. The fire in the hole then became larger as it creped closer to the three. It ran up their legs and then consumed them. They turned to ashes as the fire took the life from their bodies. Then they all heard a voice.

“Joe, you know you can’t watch those kind of shows,” the nurse said.

The nurse motioned for her other staff to come over.

“Would you look at George and Barbara?” She asked.

George and Barbara had placed their heads inside two lampshades.

“I bet those two where a hoot before they came here,” the nurse said.

Dinner was soon ready. All the residents would be in bed before 6 p.m. The next day, the three explorers would venture back to the hole of fire.

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