Strange Little Man-Free Rough Draft

Would you be willing to read my unedited draft of my first novel? 

The story is one of love and a future that is sustainable. Benji Atwood is a man who is just living his life the best he can. Until one day he, along with his wife and 4 friends, are transported to the year 2386. When they arrive they are tasked with simulation after simulation to test to strength and their ability to save the year 2015. Through many twists and turns, are they able to survive? Most importantly, will their relationships survive?

To thank you for being a follower of me and my writing blog, I would like to give you a free unedited draft of my book, Strange Little Man.


What I ask from you is: Read it, enjoy it, know that it is my baby. This is my heart and soul and I put so much into it that I don’t know if I can ever write something this good again. 

Second, If you read it and feel like you want to, give me feedback. I want to know what you thought about my characters, my plot, my settings. Does the story flow well? Do the twists work? Overall, I just want to know what needs changed and what doesn’t.

I appreciate your assistance. Please enjoy my work!

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