Social Media is Not a Toy

Does anyone remember the days back on Myspace while we were in high school? Writing our thoughts on it like it was a journal? Well, some of us have carried that with us over to modern social media. Facebook is not a toy and has real world consequences. I found that out the hard way. So, let my mistakes be your lesson. One thing in life that reigns true for all of us is that we make mistakes, here is my most recent one and a guide to not do what I do.

Social Media is Not for Personal Thoughts

You’ve had a horrible day and there is no one to vent to. In your pocket you have a device that writes text and can then broadcast it to the world. It feels like someone is listening. And they are! If you post things that might come across as odd in face to face conversations, it’s likely that it will come across that way on social media. You just won’t know about it. Think your boss won’t see that drunken post you made at 2 am about how everyone sucks? Well, you are wrong, they will totally see it. Not only will you wake up with regret about the post, but months later it may come to impact your professional life.

Download a Drunk Blocker

This app will be a life saver if you are like me and drunk you just can’t help themselves from broadcasting the darkest and deepest thoughts at in to the world. It also blocks drunk you from calling, texting, just about any app on your phone that drunk you could use to screw your life up. Download it, or be a responsible drunk, but is that something you are willing to risk?

Your Social Media is Not Yours

The reason for social media is to be social. If you are posting content that no one wants to see, then you are doing yourself a disservice. You can do it if you like, just don’t expect to get that coveted like meter going. People get on social media to find interesting content. I know I do. If your content is getting few likes, then it means however many friends you have are not enjoying what you post. I am very bad at this. I post things I personally enjoy and wonder why my friends are not liking something that is personal to me. They probably are not as interested in a cartoon death metal band as I am. Why would they be? Why share it then? Sharing means that you find the content valuable enough that someone else should see it, but your lack of likes means that no one does. You are failing the purpose of social media. Understand your audience and post more often the stuff that gets the likes.

Don’t Post Too Much

You can have great content, but if you post 50 times a day, people will grow tired of it. Post what people tend to like, but post it conservatively. Go to a concert? Post one great pic, not one of the artist at every new song. Went to the park? One great picture will do. Moderation is the key to getting likes. I am no master at this, but given how badly drunk self has screwed up, I began to notice this trend.

Social Media is a Job

It is your job as a social media user to keep relationships intact. Are you losing friends at an alarming rate? Maybe you should figure out what you are doing wrong. Look at what you post and ask yourself if you would find it interesting if someone else posted it. Then ask what it is about what you post that is pushing people away. Social media is now the place to do what used to be done at the very least over the phone. There are bosses on there, professors, and just people that might take what you post in the wrong way. If your social media is causing real world consequences, like mine is, then you really need to step back and ask how good of a job you are doing. 

Hopefully this helps people who are struggling with social media. At the very least I hope it is a good personal story about my mistake. This is a writing blog, and to be a successful writer, you have to have readers. Use social media to figure out how to get people to care about what you say.

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