The Writing Process: Out of Hand


Whoa! Things got a little out of hand there. Android’s can often act against their user’s specifications. I’m Jeremy Lahey and I am the author of a book called Strange Little Man. One of my characters apparently went rogue and attempted to tell you too much of my story.

I can tell you that my story is finished. It is in its rough stages with the first round of editing still ahead. I began writing the story in 2015 because I could never write longer than 10 pages. Once I began writing, it never stopped. I found myself wanting to write, dying to get my fingers on the keyboard. 74000 words later, I have written a continuous story much longer than the 10 pages I could never get past. So if you are struggling to sit down and write a novel length story, just know that if I can do it, so can you. While I haven’t published anything yet, I’d still like to tell you how I got where I am.

I think the number one thing that helped me write so much was to have a plan. I outlined what I wanted to say with my story and my characters.  I only wrote down main characters, while the background ones came on the fly. I think on the next one, I will hash out the background character details before I start. Also, my outline ended somewhere about 40000 words in. I found it way more difficult to write the rest and  I know that a lot of my editing will take place there.

Another thing I did was when there were no words on the paper, I just wrote. I wrote about frustrations I was having, problems, really anything on my mind. While the writing got my juices flowing, it will probably be completely removed and replaced. See, that’s the cool thing about writing, you can write your story however you want. There is always a delete button.

Finally, in this installment I’d like to talk about sex, baby. While writing my story I mostly let it flow freely from my mind onto the paper. No thinking, no deleting. My characters have a lot of sex scenes. I wondered if I should remove them all, but sex is a natural human thing. I am leaving them, for now. I haven’t read the whole story, ever. When my Stephen King recommended baking time of a month is over, I will. If they don’t work, they are gone. If they make the story compelling, why would I ever remove them?

Okay, so you have your first draft complete, you’re ready to edit, but how the hell do you print 2 or 3 hundred pages? You could use your own printer. Yea sure. Go to the library. Of course. Or, you could have a website called print your story in a bounded and covered paperback. I ordered two copies of my manuscript yesterday. It was around $30 including shipping. I will update with how it goes and looks.

A warning though: I am a first time author. Createspace was a little scary because it was asking me to pick distribution channels, manage my royalties, and other big worded publishing things. First off, like I said, I haven’t even edited my story yet. How awful would that be? Releasing an unfinished product to the world. Second, I don’t really want to go the self-publishing route. I had already uploaded my story, so I was starting to shit my pants. I screwed up and released my precious into the great unknown. Well, it turns out that I am okay. I got a proof sent to me and the company will not move forward until I approve my proof. I think as long as I just keep ordering proofs as drafts and then leave it be when I actually send it off to a publisher I will be fine.

Those were just a few things I would like to mention about the writing process. If you want to write a story, write a story. Who cares about page length, word count, or genre? Can you really tell a good story if you’re not focused on telling a good story? I’ll be back shortly to update my writing process.

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