11-28-2017: Malachi


Oh God damn it. This is no good. This makes absolutely no sense. I have somehow formatted my journal to you in the wrong order. You are reading this backwards. I hope you figure it out. My batteries are now too low to accomplish the task of reordering. I don’t think I’ll make it to the six. If you have found this journal, then you must complete my journey for me. I don’t know where they are. You can do it. I don’t have much time to tell you about Malachi.

What I can quickly say is that he is the strongest of the six. He is also the least interesting. I am unsure what happened to him, nor do I care. I’m sorry if when you find them, you relate to him the most. That just means you are also boring and uninteresting. I’m not sorry for that one, you really do suck if you think like that.

Batteries dying. I trust you will do what’s right. Now go forth to 2386. Your future awaits.

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