11-27-2017: Kyran

My batteries are growing weak. I don’t think I’ll make it much longer. I trust that if you have found this that you will know exactly what to do. In case you are some kind of idiot who is struggling to figure it out, find the six damn it. I apologize, when my batteries get weak I get a little cranky. Ha get it? Cranky? Never mind. Kyran.

Kyran was Benji’s best friend. He was also Amelia’s boyfriend. He could sometimes get quite aggressive and that was problematic to the six. Kyran grew up similar to Benji. His home life was a little more unstable, but they both understood each other’s troubles. Kyran was also mediocre, but in his case he pretended he was not. Kyran had done everything better than everyone. You know the kind, a one upper. He was a loyal friend though, so most people looked past that flaw. Kyran was against droids so he didn’t talk much to me.

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