11-26-2017: Amelia

I’m closer to them, I can feel it. The earth is baron, so there is almost no interference. It’s only been two years and the radiation is still strong. The story of the six is unlike any other story of the time travelers. They were forced to travel to 2386 and overcome temptations and save so many lives.  They have a lot of sex and fight a lot of creatures, odd that they discussed that with me, looking back. I think what I like best about my friends’ adventure is that they saw what the future could be like if only they had paid attention to the earth. It’s like Avatar, if Avatar was awesome. I’ve seen all your movies, they all suck. I should probably tell you about Amelia now.

Amelia was a prostitute in New York City. For some reason she decided to leave with one of her clients and start a better life. Amelia’s childhood was tragic. She didn’t discuss it much with me but I could see it in her eyes. Amelia was rough and that’s exactly what she needed to survive in 2386. She was my third favorite person.

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