11-25-2017: Octavia

I miss being around humans. They were so kind to me. They would ask me questions and I would answer them. How did a droid make it back to 2017, you ask? Well, it’s complicated. I should let the group tell you how it happened. I will find them one day. I have to get back to 2386 first. The individuals that made up the six were so beyond legendary that your mind couldn’t even imagine it. I’m telling you who they where before they came, so that you may see how much it matters who they are.

Octavia was a wild one. Tall and strong. She was a fighter. A swell leader also. Without Octavia the six might have failed the first mission. The first mission was simple: walk off the time traveling device. She was that important. Octavia never doubted herself. That was much needed when the rest of the group did a lot of questioning themselves.

Octavia was about 30 years old. She grew up in a comfortable family. She had both parents and had obtained a decent education. This stability allowed her to focus on other things, like archery. I’ve seen your crazy hunger games movies, this adventure is not like those at all. It’s better. Killing children for society? What the hell was wrong with you guys? No wonder the world ended.

I’m sorry. I need that reboot. There is just no one here to help me do that. Trust me when I say Octavia is probably the best person in the world. I like her better than Benji, and that’s saying a lot.

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