11-24-2017: Eleanor

Hello again dear readers. I sure hope this has reached the hands of someone who can use this information. The world is harsh and cold. That’s not a metaphor for society, it’s literally harsh and cold. There is no human life here. The world ended in 2015. The human world ended in 2015 actually, the earth remained the same. If you’re reading this, you already know that. What am I even saying. I think I may need a reboot.

Eleanor. Dear Eleanor. She was Benji’s wife when they left for their journey. She was caring and compassionate. She cared deeply for Benji and her family. I sure wish she hadn’t done what she did. It’s a shame, really.

Eleanor was always sweet. She worked at the same job for most of her life. She was comfortable there, but most importantly, she was stable. Happiness was not something that was attained for her, but sustained. It wasn’t something that some adventure could give her. She was growing tired of Benji’s constant need for exploration. He thrived on it, she was exhausted by it.

No one could imagine the strength that she had deep within her. In dire circumstances, dire actions are required. I liked Eleanor because she was an extension of Benji. I didn’t really get to know her as well as my dear friend. I think of her often and how any person could survive the situations she was placed into.

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