11-23-2017: Benji

Benji grew up in a lower middle-class family. He had mostly what he needed, but others had more. Others also had less. He was just mediocre. Benji liked to take risks, but he also liked to play it safe. Benji would get as close as he safely could to the edge and pull back as soon as any real risk would have been taken.

Benji was a young man, about 28. He was tall with tan skin. His brown hair highlighted his baby blue eyes. He wore causal clothes and never appeared professional. When he would go out in public hardly anyone took him seriously. He looked not young enough to be naive, but also not old enough to be mature. Benji often struggled understanding how the world was so messed up.

Benji leaned heavily to the left. That would be the case if he actually cared much about politics. Benji was just an easy going person. Politics was for the coldhearted. Benji cared deeply about people. He could feel almost anyone’s sorrow. Benji was married. He truly loved his wife. Too bad about what happened to her in 2386.

Benji was a time traveler. Well, it was more like time kidnapped, but like I said, Benji didn’t like labels. He was with a group of six. They were all kidnapped and taken to the future of 2386. It was the most adventurous of times, or so I’ve heard. The future had solved all the problems that so often lived inside Benji’s mind. I sure do miss that guy.

Benji’s somewhere else now. He was my best friend. Sometimes I go and visit him but I’m not sure he knows.

I’m writing down this journal so that everyone knows about these six great people and their unbelievable journey.

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